Getting Started

Getting Startedchild-advocacy-2

My ChildĀ Is “Different”: Where Do I Go For Help?
  • Rely on your intuition
  • Compare notes at the park
  • Speak to your pediatrician & get a thorough exam
  • Call your local university medical center & get a 2nd opinion
  • Go to your local regional center for screening & an eligibility determination
  • Get an opinion & referral from your day care provider or preschool director
  • Contact your local school district & ask about their Infant/Toddler & Preschool Special Education programs & assessments
  • Ask the teacher to screen for disabilities that might adversely affect your child’s ability to learn in a general education program

Let Us Answer Your Questions!

Getting Your Special Needs Child Prepared For School
  • Determine if your child is eligible for regional center services
  • Your 3- to 5-year-old may be eligible for school district services
  • Consider getting your child a complete medical workup by a developmental pediatrician
  • Request an IEP in writing, as soon as your are aware of a disability
  • Request a complete set of assessments by the school psychologist, in writing, as soon as school starts
  • Gather all school and medical records
  • Gather all state standardized test results, e.g., Stanford 9
  • Get organized
  • Buy a 3-ring binder with tabs, for each service requested
  • Always keep a log of all calls
  • Get everything in writing

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