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Who we are: A2Z Educational Advocates is a group of attorneys and advocates working to represent parents of special needs kids at every level of the process.

We assist parents with navigating the maze of school districts, including, Individualized Education Program – IEPs, compliance complaints, Due Process hearings, and beyond. We come at this with a unique approach, working on every case as a team, with Parents a vital and active part of that team.

Our goal is not only to provide parents with representation, but also to empower the parents, and ultimately the child, to become better advocates themselves.

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During the COVID-19 closures, A2Z is offering consults via Zoom for new clients who need a strategy session.

Students with disabilities throughout California are facing challenges with distance learning, and may not be getting the services they are entitled to while schools are implementing distance learning due to COVID-19 closures.  If you have questions about how your child’s right to a FAPE is impacted by school closures, call us for a consult.  We are here to help you navigate the impact of the closures and to assist you in obtaining appropriate interventions and services to support your child during distance learning.  We are available to attend IEP meetings via Zoom or other platforms for our clients, and to assist families in advocating for their child during this unprecedented time. 

To assist you in obtaining a FAPE for your child, we provide the following services:

  • Initial referrals
  • Letters to School Districts
  • Referrals for evaluation and services
  • Advocacy at IEP meetings
  • Advocacy with Regional Centers
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Advocacy at Expulsion Hearings and Manifestation Determinations
  • Record requests
  • Compliance Complaints when the District fails to provide services
  • OCR Complaints when the District violates your child’s civil rights
  • Mediations
  • Due Process Hearings
  • Appeals
  • Parent Training Programs

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