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Sensory Awareness From Experience©

Regarding my experience in the Super Sensory Workshop at the Autism Conference - By Carolina D. Watts, J.D. Advocate

Last Saturday I attended the annual Autism conference in Pasadena. On that day I had the unique experience in participating in a Super Sensory Session. I thought I had a pretty good understanding of autism but I was humbled by my experience...super sensory session - understanding Autism

Sensory Awareness From Experience©

A2Z wants to thank Gail and Clay Wylie for the last two weekends of the super sensory sessions. The participants included teachers, behavior therapists, parents and siblings. Everyone came away from the session with a deeper understanding of the world according to autism and a new respect for the individuals w/ the autism diagnosis. We look forward to moving the SAFE program into the schools and community programs. Come back and visit the website within the next week as we will have actual comments by the different participants as they share their experiences.

Meeting of the Los Angeles Asperger's Syndrome Parents Support Group

The Center for Learning Unlimited
We empower gifted students with learning differences to recognize their long term potential, and we provide on-going support and solutions that heal the entire family. www.cflu.org

Is your child entitled to recieve services per his/her IEP that he/she has not been getting?  

Has the district failed to hold an IEP when one was requested?  

Has the district taken more than 50 days to conduct assessments?  

A2Z is available to assist parents with obtaining services in their IEPs, holding the district to important timelines, and enforcing parent's rights under the IDEA. Please contact us for details.

Thank you so much for coming to give an inspiring presentation. The parents in attendance are eagerly sharing their experience with the family support group members who could not attend. Hopefully the tape turned out well so we can send you a copy, and spread the word further. The things parents found most enlightening were:

Compliance form and process (clarification on use)
Recreational therapist's role and services
Requirements for inclusion specialists.

These three things alone have given parents information that will be crucial in creating new and improved services for the children in our area.
Our parent are movers and shakers and very organized. They have been looking for legal avenues to help make changes. You accomplished your goal of spreading the word and empowering others to make the changes that you alone cannot do. What an amazing thing to be doing 'your life's work' and enjoying it so much. You have your son in part to thank for that. As the parents said, 'she's our kinda gal'

Una Hayes-Shephard MSW
12110 Slauson Avenue
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Director Progressive Resource



• LOCATE: How can I find them?
• Local colleges with education programs:
Santa Monica, West LA, CSUN, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, USC, etc.
• Local school district special education office (LAUSD-(213) 625-6701)
• Local regional center (Westside-(310) 258-4000)
• MONSTERTRAK (800) 999-8725

• TRAIN: How can I train one?
• Local school district special education office (LAUSD-(213) 625-6701)
• Local regional center (Westside-(310) 258-4000)
• Work with your behavioral or developmental therapist on intervention with supervision
• Focus (Susan Brown, 2008 La Brea Terrace, LA 90046 (323) 851-4577)
• FACT (Linda Andron & Sarita Freeman, Glendale, (818) 759-2997)
• Step By Step Early Childhood Development Program (3004 Santa Monica Bl, Santa Monica 90404 (310) 586-0906) - next training begins 1/01
• Santa Monica College Child Development Dept - Wendy Parise ((310) 434-4704)

• REIMBURSE: How can I get reimbursement for one?
• Local regional center & /or school district special education office.
• Go to all IFSP's/IEP's prepared with school cumulative records summarized, supporting experts' reports, phone logs, correspondence, receipts totalled for each service provider, etc.; appeal through due process: informal meeting, mediation conference, & due process hearing, &/or file a Uniform Complaint

LET US ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Call 888 IDEA-ADA (888-4332-232), or email us at inquiry@a2zedad.com for more information.


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