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A2Z helps parents obtain special education services for their children. We are Special Education Attorneys and Advocates working to represent parents of special needs kids at every level of the process.

We assist parents with navigating the maze of school districts, including, Individualized Education Program – IEPs, compliance complaints, Due Process hearings, and beyond. We have come at this with a unique approach, working on every case as a team, with Parents a vital and active part of that team.

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A2Z Educational Advocates in the community

A2Z’s team is very active in the special education community both locally and nationwide. The following paragraphs highlight a portion of our involvement.

Jane DuBovy, attorney of over 35 years, speaks on special education topics nationally and locally.  Jane provides training to attorneys in southern California on topics related to special education law, and also teaches pre-conference trainings and/or breakout sessions at COPAA’s Annual Conference each year.  Recently she has expanded A2Z’s focus to include representation of young adults in qualifying for Regional Center services under the 5th category based on a diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. It is a challenge since this developmental disability is just coming to the forefront in being recognized for how prevalent it is, especially among the adopted children population.

Carrie Watts has been a part of A2Z for over 12 years. She has been on the board of COPAA, a national civil rights organization dedicated to special education advocacy and to protecting the rights of students and families, since 2011.  For the 2014-2015 year, she served as Chair of the Board of Directors of COPAA.  She remains actively involved as a Board Member and as a member of several of COPAA’s committees.  In 2016, Carrie spearheaded the Los Angeles pilot site of COPAA’s MLK National Day of Service program.  Along with Mandy Favaloro and a team of other attorneys and advocates from around the country, Carrie was also actively involved in the development of the inaugural Student Rights Initiative (SRI) at COPAA’s 2016 Annual Conference.  The SRI is designed to provide training on the IEP process and self-advocacy skills to students aged 14-21 in order to empower them to become self-advocates.

Mandy Favaloro has been a part of A2Z for over 10 years. Currently she is one of the Co-Chairs of COPAA’s Conference Committee, which put together the Annual Conference held recently in Philadelphia.  In addition, Mandy is an instructor for COPAA’s Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT) program and Co-Chair of COPAA’s Training Committee.  Along with Carrie Watts and another advocate from COPAA, Mandy teaches a two day preconference training designed specifically for advocates and focused on teaching the practical skills needed for successful special education advocacy.  Mandy currently serves on the Board of Directors of COPAA as well.

A2Z also provides academic internship opportunities to students from Pepperdine University and Loyola University.  A2Z’s Advocacy Interns work collaboratively with A2Z’s team while learning about case management, client communications, organization skills, and special education laws and policies.  Our interns also complete special research projects related to topics in special education.  Additionally, A2Z provides supervision for the required practicum hours for COPAA SEAT students.  Our SEAT students have the opportunity to work under the supervision of our experienced special education attorneys and advocates to gain practical skills and knowledge related to the IEP process, compliance complaints, drafting letters, and due process cases.  Both the SEAT students and the Advocacy Interns enrich the team at A2Z and offer their own unique skills and experiences to our work on behalf of our clients.


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